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Alex Morsy
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Hey! I'm Alex of EQ Brilliance, and I'm thrilled that you've made it this far.

Hey, I'm Alex, a Professional Life Coach with 15 years of commercial experience in the tech field across start-ups, scale-ups, and publicly traded corporations. I had a very humble start in life, and I'm pleased to say that things are currently going better than I could have ever hoped for all those years ago. My own journey has filled me with gratitude and passion for what's really possible for all of us when we meet life with a growth mindset and an open heart. That's why it's my absolute passion to give back and try to help others understand themselves, unlock their brilliance, and maximise fulfilment. I do this by supporting others with the same tools that have helped me: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills.


I'm a fully trained Co-Active® Coach under the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a CPCC in training. I am highly skilled and experienced in holding powerful, safe & transformative Coaching conversations. My work allows my clients to get unstuck and grow in the areas that matter most. I’ve invested significantly into my Coaching education to bring high standards to my craft. 


If you want to outgrow limiting beliefs, develop an ability to embrace strong emotions, and take inspired action from an aligned place, then coaching is for you. You will experience a quantum leap in self-awareness and learn neuroscience backed tools to elevate your mental fitness. 

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Why I Coach
Why I Coach

From a young age, I've been captivated by ideas and the human mind. In my twenties, I discovered my talent for exploring diverse concepts and discerning patterns. Today, as a Coach, I blend my sales expertise with invaluable insights gained through curiosity and passion for knowledge. My mission is to empower others with this unique combination. My passion for Coaching began forming during the 2020 Covid crisis. Engaging a personal Coach transformed me, empowering me in unimaginable ways. Its profound impact drives me to help others with transformative mental peace and newfound freedoms. As I write this, I'm moved by the boundless possibilities when we shed limiting beliefs, embrace empowering ones, and build new behaviours.


Changing yourself is the most impactful way to change the world, and that's why I focus on the individual. If I help just one person connect, create, and relate in a more empowered, compassionate way, EQ Brilliance is a success. Thank you for visiting—I hope we'll meet and grow together soon.

"Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I am Wise, so I am changing myself”


Why Work With Me?
Why Work With Me?
Co-Active® Trained Coach:

I am a fully trained Co-Active Coach (ICF accredited curriculum), and CPCC in training (Certified Professional Co-active® Coach). I have studied extensively to ensure I bring the highest level of expertise, creativity, and value to my coaching practice. It's my fierce commitment to bring unbending integrity and value to my clients.

I Invest decisively in Personal Growth:

I know with certainty that an investment in yourself pays the highest ROI. I have invested over £35,000 of my own capital in my own training, coaching, and personal development, reflecting my ferocious commitment to continuous growth and to ensure I deliver value and impact.

Ideas worth sharing:

With a thirst for knowledge, I have delved into over 100 books on neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), management, coaching, psychology, and spirituality. This wide-ranging expertise and passion allows me to draw upon a diverse range of insights and concepts to support your personal transformation.

Mindfulness & Meditation Expert:

I have dedicated +300 hours to the practice of meditation – including advanced non-dual meditation; embodying the principles of personal development and cultivating a centred non-judgemental presence that is absolutely central to my coaching approach. I am continually engaged in esoteric eastern practices that help me to channel a calm centred energy. Spirituality and science are two different paradigms that agree on many things in a different language. When I talk energy I am talking physics. 

Tech Sales Success:

I have over 12 years of success behind me in the tech sales industry working for some of the most innovative internet companies in the world, and I have won numerous awards for my contributions to commercial growth and leadership. I attribute my achievements in large part to my mindset. My first-hand experience navigating the challenges of competitive enterprises field equips me with unique understanding to help you thrive and excel in your life & career.

These qualifications and experiences come together to form a solid foundation for my coaching practice. I am passionate about guiding individuals like you towards achieving your dreams, transforming your mindset, and unlocking your full potential.


Together in action, let's embark on a transformative coaching experience that will empower you to create and relate in this world in beautiful new ways.

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“Having Alex as a coach has helped me grow professionally and personally. He has shown me ways to look at challenges from an evolved perspective. Instead of just sharing his own experiences, he listens attentively and enables you to unfold your maximum potential. I can truly say that our work has left a lasting impact on me. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alex as a coach to anyone who wants to work on themselves in a meaningful way”

Katharina, Senior Sales Manager, Munich, Germany

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